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From the July 4, 2003 print edition
Street Talk

Sign him up

Maybe Gov. Bill Owens missed his calling.

On July 3, Owens was slated to toss out the opening pitch at the "Opportunity Through Baseball" game in Golden. The program recruits inner-city boys who participate in a three-week sports clinic to improve their baseball, academic and self-esteem performance.

In the release touting the governor's appearance, Owens himself noted that he was an "all-star pitcher for the Southside Optimists Little League Team and earned two saves in two opportunities at the Rockies 2003 Fantasy Camp."

The way the Rockies bullpen has been performing, maybe the governor could stop by Coors Field and offer some tips, or even toss the ball himself.

A future on stage

He's got a pretty good day job to fall back on, but Rocky Mountain News sports columnist Sam Adams maybe has a future on stage, too.

Last week, the affable Adams earned a finalist spot in the Comedy Works' "Comic Idol" competition, bringing down the house with a string of well-delivered lines that were notable for their lack of profanity, scatalogical or sexual references.

He'll compete with other locals Monday night for the "Comic Idol" title.

People are talking

Spotted dining last week at Ellyngton's: Metropolitan State College of Denver board chair Bruce Benson and Denver Mayor Wellington Webb.

With Metro's president Sheila Kaplan on her way out and Webb nearing the end of his term and looking for work, what could Benson and Webb be talking about?

Lawmakers should fill in the blank

You gotta hand to those Senate Democrats in the Colorado Legislature. The issued a hard-hitting guest opinion to state newspapers last week on the Legislature's failure to deal proactively with the state's auto insurance law.

Instead of modifying Colorado's "no fault" insurance law, the lawmakers returned the state to a "tort" system where fault will be determined in the courts. The lawmakers advice: Call your insurance agent.

But the tagline to the opinion was what got our attention:

(Your Name Here) is a Democratic senator representing ______county.

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